Internationally Acclaimed Magician 



An Internationally Acclaimed Magician Dr. C. P. Yadav after having performed in more than 12 countries and having staged his most dangerous “FIRE ESCAPE” item in ‘India’s Got Talent’ TV Reality show on COLORS CHANNEL and his overseas exposure has given a touch of elegance to his Magic presentation and performance. Viewers watch his Dare-Devil (life-risking) performances like “Fire Escape” and “Underwater Escape” with awe and wonder magic acts. Magician Dr. C. P. Yadav along with his team members has organized numerous performances in India and abroad. According to Magician Dr. CP Yadav, taking risks in life makes life worth living.

Magician Dr. C P Yadav along with his team members has organized to provide clean and healthy entertainment. The aim of his magic shows is also to discourage blind faith and ill-practices of society. His shows include items that create awareness on subjects like Female Foeticide, Save the Daughter, Save the Girl Child, Dowry System, Thalassemia, health and hygiene, wildlife, population control, anti-drugs awareness, red cross awareness, disaster management, first aid, home nursing, anti-corruption, the art of living, tree plantation, road safety awareness, clean Yamuna, domestic violence, respect for the law, water conservation, healthy environment, AIDS, blood donation, including stage shows, corporate shows, school shows, party shows, charity shows and general awareness programs for service to the societies for the national & state level episodes, chief minister relief fund, talent competitions, a magical way to enhance the personality.

C P Yadav (Chander Pal Yadav) was born in Village Likhi, District Palwal in Haryana state. When studying in 8th class he saw the performance of Magician J.S. Jolly in his school who inspired C.P. Yadav to become a magician. His father Mr. Shiv Charan Yadav supported him to grow a Universal Famous Artist as a Magician. C.P. Yadav has started training in magic with Magician D.R. Choudhary and Magician Ramesh.  CP Yadav has now become a full-flashed Magician. Today, a magical journey from 1997 to now in India and abroad has become a legend in magic.

Magician C P Yadav is trying to make a difference in people’s lives through his various activities. It is our pleasure to introduce to you the internationally renowned Magician Dr. C P Yadav who has staged numerous Magic shows in India and abroad.

Magician Yadav was associated with several Multinational Brands, as under:

  1. Tata Chemicals”, Paras Formula Brand Promoter.
  2. “VE Commercial Vehicle” Eicher 11.10 XP, Truck Brand Promoter
  3. “Big-Boss Dubai”